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Illegal Immigrants Are Leaving Dark Blue Chicago To Move Back Home

Some illegal immigrants are so fed up with harsh weather, notorious crime rates, and an inability to ...View More

Smoke Bombs Fill The Air As Thousands Of Pro-Palestinian Protesters Take To The Streets In Austin, Texas

Thousands of protesters took over the streets of Austin, Texas on Sunday, with some setting off smok ...View More

Over 1.9 Million People Illegally Entered Texas In Fiscal 2023

By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square) As Democratic governors and mayors urge President Joe Biden  ...View More

Greta Thunberg Gets Mic Stolen At Climate Event After Promoting Pro-Palestine Views

An unidentified man grabbed the microphone away from Greta Thunberg during a climate rally in Amster ...View More

Bill Engvall, Comedian Turned Minister, Reveals What’s Wrong With Cancel Culture

Bill Engvall, who is stepping away from standup comedy to become a minister, is speaking out this we ...View More

Kirk Cameron Calls Out Book Fair Powerhouse Scholastic for Pornographic Content

Actor and children’s author Kirk Cameron announced his partnership with a new project aimed at unsea ...View More

Wynonna Judd Responds To Backlash Over Her CMAs Performance With Jelly Roll

After Wynonna Judd kicked off the 2023 Country Music Awards on Wednesday night with a performance wi ...View More

Oversight Committee Subpoenas Biden Family Members

By Casey Harper (The Center Square) U.S. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., signed  ...View More

Seven Nashville Police Officers Put On Leave Over Leak Of Transgender Shooter’s Manifesto

The manifesto that was allegedly written by alleged transgender school shooter Audrey Hale, who kill ...View More

Hillary Clinton Likens Trump To Hitler On ‘The View’, Suggests He Would Cancel Elections

Far-left authoritarian and two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton started her 2024 c ...View More

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