The Adderall Shortage: DEA versus FDA in a Regulatory War

A record number of drugs are in shortage across the United States. In any particular case, it’s diff ...View More

Michael Cook on Iran

Our primary concern in this chapter will be Iran, though toward the end we will shift the focus to C ...View More

GPT-4-Turbo still doesn’t answer this question well

“Name three famous people who all share the exact same birth date and year.” Usually it fails, the m ...View More

The Culture that is Germany

FT: When it launched its fully automated stores four years ago, Germany’s regional supermarket chain ...View More

*The Carnation Revolution*

The author is Alex Fernandes, and the subtitle is The Day Portugal’s Dictatorship Fell.  A very ...View More

Samuelson-Stolper, writ anew

At Sansan Chicken in Long Island City, Queens, the cashier beamed a wide smile and recommended the  ...View More

Iranian drone launch

Comment here so you don’t comment on this on the other posts, but don’t expect me to read your outpu ...View More

Voxsplainer on smart phones and teen mental health

A very good piece, by Eric Levitz, note Vox is not renowned for defending Big Tech. Adblock test  ...View More

Should I trust this paper?

We examine the relation between earnings information content and the use of trust words, such as “ch ...View More

Fair coins aren’t fair

Many people have flipped coins but few have stopped to ponder the statistical and physical intricaci ...View More

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