Cuba Libre! Part 2

In April I posted, following an excellent piece by Martin Gurri, that 4% of Cuba’s population had re ...View More

France faces glut of unwanted Olympics tickets

The number of unwanted Paris Olympics tickets available for resale has hit more than a quarter of a  ...View More

Kamala Harris economic record

As a presidential candidate, Ms. Harris proposed replacing Mr. Trump’s 2017 tax cuts with a monthly ...View More

One of my favorite Stravinsky pieces

One of my favorite Stravinsky pieces - Marginal REVOLUTION  ...View More

Introducing Llama 3.1

Read about it here, use it here.  Here is some video.  Bravo! Adblock test (Why?)

Does Income Affect Health? (an RCT)

This paper provides new evidence on the causal relationship between income and health by studying a  ...View More

Not Lost In Translation: How Barbarian Books Laid the Foundation for Japan’s Industrial Revoluton

Japan’s growth miracle after World War II is well known but that was Japan’s second miracle. The fir ...View More

The employment effects of a guaranteed income

By Eva Vivalt, Elizabeth Rhodes, Alexander W. Bartik, David E. Broockman, Sarah Miller, Here is the  ...View More

*Why Machines Learn: The Elegant Math Behind Modern AI*

By Anil Ananthaswamy, an excellent book, it will make the end of year best non-fiction list.  I ...View More

James Scott, RIP

James Scott, RIP - Marginal REVOLUTION  ...View More

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