Marginal Revolution  

Why Housing is Unaffordable: The Elasticity of Supply

We have a great new MRU video on housing and why it’s so expensive in many dynamic cities. The video ...View More

Why Argentina’s dollarization is likely to come in sudden, messy ways

Yes, I do still favor it, but here is part of the problem, as I explain in my latest Bloomberg colum ...View More

Charlie Munger, RIP

Age 99, the reissue of his Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Essential Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munge ...View More

Depolarizing GPT

David Rozado has now created a service that enables left-wing GPT, right-wing GPT, and what he calls ...View More

Reassessing China’s Rural Reforms: The View from Outer Space

We study one of the central reforms in China’s economic miracle, the Household Responsibility System ...View More

The Big Fail

The Big Fail, Joe Nocera and Bethany McLean’s new book about the pandemic, is an angry book. Rightly ...View More

Can ChatGPT assist in picking stocks?

I don’t believe this result will hold up, but I am happy to present the opposing point of view: This ...View More

Same-sex marriage and priestly employment

We study the effect of legalization of same-sex marriage on coming out in the United States. We over ...View More

In which I talk *GOAT* with Russ Roberts on EconTalk

My 18th EconTalk episode with @tylercowen and I think the best of the bunch. Thank you, Tyler. http ...View More

Bona Vacantia

Bona vacantia are unowned assets–primarily the assets of people who die without a will and without h ...View More

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