Marginal Revolution  

Congratulations to SSI Inc.!

Here is the tweet announcement.  Here is Bloomberg coverage from Ashlee Vance. Adblock test  ...View More

Accelerating India’s Development

What will India look like in 2047? Combining projections of economic growth with estimates of the el ...View More

Eating well in Stockholm

Yes, the fancy expensive places are great.  But more generally, I recommend that you order the  ...View More

“Analyzing my text messages with my ex-boyfriend”

With sentiment analysis over time, messages containing the word “sorry, and more.  Trends!  ...View More

Are we overestimating the foreign-born population by about 2 million?

It seems so, here is one study from the Chicago Fed, by Kristin Butcher, Lucas Cain, Camilo Garcia-J ...View More

Extraordinary Labor Market Developments and the 2022-23 Disinflation

From a new NBER working paper by Steven J. Davis: Two extraordinary U.S. labor market developments f ...View More

Claude 3 for SCOTUS?

I would vote to confirm: I decided to do a little more empirical testing of AI’s legal ability. Spec ...View More

The Pentagon’s Anti-Vax Campaign

During the pandemic it was common for many Americans to discount or even disparage the Chinese vacci ...View More

Nat Friedman discusses Sora, and image wisdom

NF: Yeah, I interviewed the Sora creators yesterday, the day before on stage at an event and it was  ...View More

Claims about Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s record-shattering Eras Tour is continuing to supercharge consumer spending as it ente ...View More

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