Biden Played Kevin McCarthy In Debt Limit Deal

Kevin McCarthy promised significant cuts, and he didn’t deliver. He promised massive work require ...View More

The Trump Family Is Now Threatening To Hurt Ron DeSantis

Kimberly Guilfoyle warned that Ron DeSantis is going to get hurt and end up in the junkyard if he ...View More

Republicans In Chaos As Trump Is Refusing To Debate DeSantis

Donald Trump says he will not debate Ron DeSantis until the Florida governor gets closer to him i ...View More

Biden White House Rips Republicans For Trying To Starve The Poor In Debt Limit Deal

The White House fired back at House Republicans and accused them of trying to starve the poor wit ...View More

Fox News Is Spiraling And It All Started With Dominion

The decision by Dominion to sue over Fox News pushing Donald Trump’s election lies has sent the n ...View More

An Out Of It Donald Trump Jr. Trashes His Dad During Podcast

Donald Trump Jr. was apparently trying to criticize Ron DeSantis but instead slammed his dad. Vid ...View More

THOUSANDS of fraudulent registrations found requesting absentee ballots on NY voter rolls: study

Wow is anyone surprised though?A new study has revealed that a "Loss of Control" breach has occu ...View More

Kevin McCarthy Has A Few More Days To Screw This Up As Default Date Moved To June 5

In a letter, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote that the new date when the US will run out of  ...View More

DOJ Signals They May Dump Trump In E. Jean Carroll Suit

In a new letter, the DOJ argues that E. Jean Carroll’s amended defamation complaint renders their ...View More

Karine Jean-Pierre Smacks Down Kevin McCarthy’s Debt Limit Lies

Speaker Kevin McCarthy keeps trying to blame Democrats for spending, but White House Press Secret ...View More

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