Minnesota is trying to rig the 2024 election

Minnesota is trying to rig the 2024 election
By: US Forums Posted On: November 04, 2023 View: 100

The case centers around the Fourteenth Amendment, specifically Section 3’s “Insurrection Clause.” Plaintiffs argue President Trump’s actions on January 6, 2021, disqualify him from appearing on the ballot.
Similar lawsuits have been filed in other states, including Colorado, where a state trial judge heard arguments all week.
The Supreme Court has never ruled on this provision of the Fourteenth Amendment, leading to the novel approach to use it to keep Trump off the ballot.

Trump’s attorneys argue that the amendment does not apply to presidents. The text of the amendment references Senators, Representatives, and Presidential electors, as well as other federal officials, but not the presidents.

The oath the amendment specifies, which is sworn by those listed officials, is not the same oath sworn by presidents. The presidential oath is prescribed separately in the Constitution.

Trump’s attorneys further argue that neither Minnesota law nor federal law allow the courts to strike a candidate from the ballot.

Specific to Trump’s case, his legal team insists that what occurred on January 6, 2001 was not an insurrection and that Trump himself was not responsible.

The Crazy Democrat Cult claims that they are saving our "democracy".
Their version of "democracy" means removing opponents from the ballot, rigged elections, mass voter fraud, ballot stuffing, neo-marxist one party rule, police state surveillance and suppression....

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