Redmi Pad Pro in for review

This is the Redmi Pad Pro and it's a big-screen tablet at an affordable price (starting from around  ...View More

The iPhone SE 4 to bring a price hike

According to a tipster on X, the iPhone SE 4 will be priced slightly higher than its predecessor, bu ...View More

Our Apple iPad Pro 11 (2024) battery life test is ready

Apple’s new iPad Pro 11 (2024) is a big upgrade from its predecessor in just about every spec, inclu ...View More

Motorola Razr 50 price also leaks

Motorola is working on the foldable Razr 50 duo, which will also be sold in the United States and Ca ...View More

Leaked official wallpapers reveal Google Pixel 9 series colors

We can add the colors to the list of things we know about the upcoming Google Pixel 9 lineup. The co ...View More

HMD introduces Pulse+ Business Edition with extended software support and warranty

HMD is courting corporate customers with the introduction of the HMD Pulse+ Business Edition. Physic ...View More

vivo Y200t and Y200 GT announced

The Y200 series from vivo just received four new models and we’ll cover the Y200t and Y200 GT in thi ...View More

Deals: Galaxy S24 Ultra gets a free storage upgrade, $120 discount and more

Samsung US has a week of interesting daily deals coming up with its Discover Samsung Summer event. K ...View More

vivo introduces a different Y200 smartphone

The vivo Y200 series expanded today in China with a new Y200 variant. It is a new smartphone with a  ...View More

New iQOO Neo9S Pro upgrades to the Dimensity 9300+, keeps the same price

At the very end of last year, iQOO unveiled the Neo9 and Neo9 Pro. The Pro model is equipped with a  ...View More

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