Cannes 2023 Video #8: The Winners are Revealed

Chaz at Cannes Chaz Ebert May 28, 2023 publishe ...View More

Cannes 2023: Anatomy of a Fall wins Palme d'Or

Festivals & Awards Ben Kenigsberg May 27, 2023 Justine Tri ...View More

Cannes 2023: Last Summer, Perfect Days, La Chimera, The Old Oak

Festivals & Awards Ben Kenigsberg May 26, 2023 Maybe it's  ...View More

About My Father

Reviews Matt Zoller Seitz May 26, 2023 When was the first  ...View More

Cannes 2023 Video #5: Robert Daniels on Monster, Omen and Vincent Must Die

Chaz at Cannes Chaz Ebert May 26, 2023 publishe ...View More

Goodbye to a Legend: Tina Turner (1939-2023)

Tributes Brandon David Wilson May 26, 2023 As someone who has  ...View More

Cannes 2023: Room 999, Anita, In the Rearview

Festivals & Awards Jason Gorber May 26, 2023 The Cannes Cl ...View More

Cannes 2023: Close Your Eyes, plus Quentin Tarantino

Festivals & Awards Ben Kenigsberg May 26, 2023 "Close Your ...View More

Nicholas Britell Says Goodbye to Succession

Interviews Nandini Balial May 26, 2023 To the delight of audie ...View More

You Hurt My Feelings

Reviews Christy Lemire May 26, 2023 Nicole Holofcener cont ...View More

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