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Conservatives Warned Trump Supporters About Rally in the South Bronx!

There is no requirement for House members to live in the district they represent, though they mu ...View More

Hacked Primary Ballot Unveils MASSIVE Security Flaw in Texas Elections.

They want TX blue. Why do it legally? As you can see illegally is just fine with some.A lawsuit file ...View More

I’m Donald Trump, and I Disapprove of the Message I Just Posted

One conversation: Opinion | Conversations and insights about the moment.The PointConversations a ...View More

Fani Easily Wins Primary......I Guess Fulton County Has Some Pretty Dumb Voters

She was caught having an affair with her lead prosecutor, and has been misusing funds to pay off ...View More

The next presidential election and possible civil war.

Is dragging a US president through the courts a good idea? We know that third world countries an ...View More

trump wants to look at bans on birth control

The repub way. Let us bang you...but we want to restrict your use of birth ...View More

Requiring a license to vote might not be a bad idea

Dumb voters are definitely a problem. IQ tests would be my first choice, but I doubt Dems would let ...View More

Harder to Cheat In WI.

I guess being a citizen means nothing to the Democrats. Absentee ballots without signatures? Really? ...View More

Republicans poised to capture the Senate

Justice is a real sleaze. Republicans would win the seat no matter who they ran and they pick a  ...View More

Judicial Watch: New Documents Reveal DC Training for Noncitizen Voting

Is there any hope at all for a legitimate election? Not when shit like this happens.In 2023 the DC C ...View More

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