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‘Abe Hamadeh Won the Attorney General’s Race’

Busch showed a clip from Maricopa County officials stating that voters’ registrations for vehicles r ...View More

What do these two men have in common?

Grover Cleveland What do they have in common?I'm kinda aggravated, I can' ...View More

Looks like the Kraken may have it's day

You believe whatever MAGA propagandists tell you.You still haven't proven shit about 2020. And  ...View More

23 million new immigrants to vote in 24

These people aren't naturalized. They waltz across the border illegally and are given a driver's ...View More

Are You Willing to Go on the Record?

Does anybody want to go on the record with their presidential predictions?Normally I’d leave oth ...View More

An Idea

It wouldn't reduce cheating, it would just shift the focus.If you want to reduce cheating and sh ...View More

Does Anyone Really Believe That Any Amount Of Campaign Money -

- is going to change anyone's vote?Those who voted for Trump in 2016 will vote for him again in  ...View More

The Errors, The Lie, and The Cover-Up in Georgia’s 2020 Election – PART I

Here are the errors that the GA. SOS covered up insisting there was nothing wrong with the election. ...View More

Analysis of Pinal County’s 2022 Election, Finds ‘Deliberate Malfeasance,’ Concludes Election Should Not Have Been Certified

This is the 2022 AZ. election. How much do people need to see that organized fraud is picking the wi ...View More

Question For Some Of Those Who Voted For Biden In 2020

If you are worse off now since Biden took office, could you still go out and vote for the man again? ...View More

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