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Pictorial: The breathtaking cars of Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2023

An American car has won the prestigious Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the world's oldest and mos ...View More

Scientists give robots a sense of touch – by knitting them a sweater

In order to keep from accidentally hurting their human coworkers, many industrial robots have sensor ...View More

Wealthy ancient Romans may have smelled like 20th-century hippies

Thanks to finding bits of bone, tools, and other aspects of human existence, archeologists have been ...View More

Retro-cool Fineday 3.0 Bluetooth keyboard brings back the clickety-clack

Although electric typewriters have been made almost entirely obsolete, there's still something to be ...View More

Porsche hits the trail with full-squish carbon-framed Performance ebikes

Porsche has partnered with German bike maker Rotwild to launch two new full-suspension Performance v ...View More

Inflatable motorized GoBoat packs down into a carry bag

Way back in 2016, startup GoBoat introduced an odd-looking boating craft that sat the single occupan ...View More

Tree-covered tower's lush exterior equivalent to 2.5 acres of forest

Few designers have done as much to popularize the modern trend of covering buildings in greenery as  ...View More

Royal flushes shed light on parasites behind ancient tummy troubles

In one of the more stomach-churning studies, a team led by the University of Cambridge has probed po ...View More

Neuralink gets FDA approval for human trials, but others are way ahead

Several years after Elon Musk's "aspirational" timeframe, Neuralink has announced it's received FDA  ...View More

Indoor plants are surprisingly good at devouring carcinogenic toxins

Researchers have demonstrated how effective plants are at ridding the air in your home, school, or w ...View More

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