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Titanium to super steel: The most interesting multitools of 2023

Multitools have always been a popular topic, and that didn't change in 2023. As the year progressed, ...View More

Inflatable Basecamper turns Tesla Cybertruck into boundless micro-RV

The world is still digesting all the information Tesla finally revealed about the Cybertruck on Thur ...View More

SmartHat may be the Swiss Army knife of safety helmets

On modern worksites, workers are typically required to carry – or even wear – quite a few electronic ...View More

Plant-fiber menstrual pads may help end "period poverty"

Women and girls in industrial countries may have ready access to inexpensive menstrual pads, but suc ...View More

Boss crams 11 tasty amp and speaker tones into compact floor stomp

Roland-owned Boss has launched a new compact pedal that offers guitarists stomp-sized access to digi ...View More

Mini PC rocks detachable Bluetooth speaker out front

Chinese compact computer maker SoonNooz has launched an interesting model called the Mini, which has ...View More

New dolphin super power discovered

Already equipped with an impressive sonar system, new research reveals that dolphins have an extra a ...View More

Incredibly skinny hotel has a width of just 110 inches

The recently completed PituRooms in Indonesia has to be one of the skinniest hotels in the world. De ...View More

Tiny biobots made from human cells promote neuron growth without DNA mods

Researchers have used human tracheal cells to create tiny biological robots that can move on their o ...View More

UK MoD wants to add ChatGPT to combat simulation robots

If your close combat simulation droid isn't chatty enough, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has your ...View More

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