February 26, 2024  

Expedia to cut about 1,500 jobs

Expedia Group Inc. said late Monday it expects to lay off about 1,500 employees as it works to “reca ...View More

Jim Jordan Gets Totally Desperate To Save Biden Impeachment

@media (max-width: 1200px) { }body .ns-inline a.ns-button, body .ns-inline .ns-total-share-co ...View More

Unity’s stock sheds nearly a fifth of its value as earnings, forecast underwhelm

Unity Software Inc. shares were tumbling in late trading Monday after the app-monetization company w ...View More

iRobot narrows its loss, and shares jolt higher

Shares of iRobot Corp. initially jumped 10% then cooled in after-hours trading Wednesday after the c ...View More

Quantum Leap Season 2 Ended With a Bang! What's Next for Ben and Friends?

Quantum Leap's action-packed, double-episode finale was a fitting end to a season that was heavy o ...View More

Secrets of the deep – how fish scales could confound counterfeiters

Scientists have devised a method of using fish scales to convey encrypted messages. Not only would t ...View More

CarGurus had a better quarter, but all eyes focus on weaker guidance

CarGurus Inc. shares fell more than 11% in the extended session Monday after investors looked past a ...View More

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