My excellent Conversation with Seth Godin

Here is the audio, video, and transcript from a very good session.  Here is part of the episode ...View More

It was just a simulation run…designed to create that problem

Meaning an entire, prepared story as opposed to an actual simulation. No ML models were trained, et ...View More

The art of prompting is just at its beginning

If prompted correctly, even GPT 3.5 can achieve draws against Stockfish 8 (an older but very powerf ...View More

Is growing conference size a problem?

In practice, they [scientists] more so blamed the human organization problems — essentially administ ...View More

Orwell Against Progress

Orwell was deeply suspicious of technology and not simply because of the dangers of totalitarianism  ...View More

US shift on trade driven by concerns about China, Trump

[unable to retrieve full-text content]This piece was co-authored with Keith M. Rockwell, Global Fell ...View More

Playing repeated games with Large Language Models

They are smart, but not ideal cooperators it seems, at least not without the proper prompts: Large L ...View More

The incidence of loans for graduate education

In 2006, the federal government effectively uncapped student borrowing for graduate programs with th ...View More

The changing classic book culture that is German

I visited the best and largest bookstore in Konstanz, a university town and a town with above-averag ...View More

Wheeling and Dealing: How Auto Dealers Put The Brakes on Direct Sales

Alexander Sammon attends the the annual convention of the National Automobile Dealers Association:  ...View More

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