Samsung unveils the Galaxy Ring as a way to 'simplify everyday wellness'

After teasing it (again) yesterday, Samsung has finally shown off the Galaxy Ring in physical form a ...View More

Google brings Gemini to Messages and adds AI text summaries for Android Auto

Google has announced a slew of Android updates to kick off MWC this year, including Gemini integrati ...View More

You can now mark up your Google Docs with handwritten notes on Android devices

Google Docs is getting an annotation feature that will let you mark up your documents just like you  ...View More

Google finally brings Wallet passes to Wear OS watches along with transit directions

Google is finally giving Android smartwatch owners a feature they’ve been wanting for years: Google  ...View More

Lenovo and Motorola’s Smart Connect makes it easier to manage tasks across your devices

Motorola and Lenovo have announced a new cross-device management tool at MWC 2024 called Smart Conne ...View More

Lenovo’s Project Crystal is the world’s first laptop with a transparent microLED display

It’s not often you encounter a device that looks like it came straight out of a movie set. But Lenov ...View More

Lenovo debuts Core Ultra-powered laptops and hybrids with dedicated Copilot key

Lenovo announced several new business laptops and hybrids at this year’s MWC conference, including r ...View More

Barbie’s hot pink flip phone is coming to the real world this summer

If you were wondering when brands will finally stop trying to cash in on the Barbie craze, the answe ...View More

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring will officially make its public debut this week at MWC

We’re about to get our first real look at Samsung’s Galaxy Ring. In a blog post this weekend ahead o ...View More

Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus lander tipped over at touchdown, but it’s still kicking

It turns out Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus spacecraft didn’t land upright after all. In a press confe ...View More

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