The Morning After: Musk sued for sexual harassment

The Morning After: Musk sued for sexual harassment
By: Engadget Posted On: June 13, 2024 View: 22

A number of former SpaceX engineers are suing Elon Musk for sexual harassment, retaliation and creating a hostile workplace environment. The suit comes in the wake of a blockbuster WSJ report that lifted the lid on Musk’s treatment of SpaceX employees. This same group penned an open letter in 2022 highlighting Musk’s behavior which, they say, caused them to be fired. They have also filed complaints against SpaceX with the NLRB, another government agency Musk is waging war against.

— Dan Cooper

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Apple may be coy about what it calls its machine-learning platforms, but it’s not as if everyone doesn’t know it’s leveraging OpenAI’s technology. Apparently, it pulled this feat off for free, getting OpenAI to share its wares for access to Apple’s vast user base. Not to mention that if it can get people to pay for an OpenAI subscription, it’ll more than pay for itself over time. Not that OpenAI is hurting for cash right now — it’s apparently raking in twice as much revenue as it did last year.

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A hacker has reportedly obtained the personal information of Tile customers, its parent company has admitted. Life360 says only their names, device ID, physical and email addresses were accessed — no government or credit card data. The breach may have also revealed Tile has a special tool used to process location data requests made by law enforcement.

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