Manifest Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Ghost Plane

Manifest Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Ghost Plane
By: TV Fanatic Posted On: June 02, 2023 View: 54

Poor Fiona.

Manifest Season 4 Episode 13 lifted the lid on the mysterious figure Cal found at the end of Manifest Season 4 Episode 12, and it was a satisfying hour that gave us answers and left us with a compelling hook for what comes next.

Fiona's journey throughout Manifest has been shrouded in pain.

Working Together - Manifest

She was shunned because of her theories about linking human brains, which we're beginning to believe is a thing if the callings are to be believed.

Fiona only had peace when she was on the plane when Cal cracked the key to Divine Consciousness. Beyond that, we've watched her being tormented.

Cal's Worry - Manifest Season 4 Episode 12

If anything, she'll go out as a hero because, without her research, there's no way Saanvi or the other 828ers would have the answers they have now.

If you watch Manifest online, you know Fiona's had limited screen time,  but her death has significant ramifications for the death date because her death leaves Captain Daly as the final witness before the beast is supposed to rise that brings about the end of the world.

Cal: Fiona Clarke. I found her hiding in a barn by an apple orchard. A Calling led me right to her.
Olive: Is she alive?
Cal: Yeah. She has a cut on her forehead, but I don't see any other injuries.
Olive: Oh my God, Cal. She returned twice, just like you. I mean, there has to be an important reason.

I'm digging the biblical nature of the mystery for a couple of reasons, but mostly because many of the answers to the mysteries have been found merely by looking at history.

The Angelina of it all is frustrating because the Stones know she can mimic other people after the events of Manifest Season 4 Episode 10.

Look Who's Back - Manifest Season 4 Episode 12

Angelina is a brand of crazy you'd expect from a daytime soap opera, so no one should rule anything out as far as she's concerned.

Posing as Olive while manipulating Eden is a stroke of genius. Angelina is still cut up about losing Eden because she wanted to be her mother in her own deranged way.

If Angelina can then pop back up and tell Eden that Olive was a part of the reason Fiona died, it might just give Eden the nudge to go away with Angelina.

At the very least, that's what Angelina's hoping for. All it took was the kid she formed an attachment with to announce she was leaving to realize her plan had to get into high gear and fast.

Ben is Confused - Manifest Season 4 Episode 13

I've already spoken ad-nauseam about why I'm annoyed the show ended Manifest Season 4 Episode 10 with setup for another one or two episodes because having so many episodes left has forced the writers to slow down some of the plots -- Angelina's mean streak included.

I hate to say it because Holly Taylor is electric in the role, but Angelina needs to go. There's no way she can stick around for another seven episodes unless she goes back into hiding, so my best guess is that there will be another big shift before we get to that final battle.

Jessica: Hi, Dad.
Russ: How you doin', sweetheart?
Eagan: Russell! You lied to me. You said your daughter was beautiful. This woman's a world-class supermodel.
Russel: Jessica, this is Eagan.

The trick will be to keep Captain Daly away from the villain, but there's no stopping Angelina from showing up and saying she's an 828er -- or someone else -- to get close to him.

Seriously, if Zimmer and Angelina join forces, I'll probably not be able to finish Manifest Season 4 because I'll probably throw my TV out the window.

Ben is Feeling Blue - Manifest Season 4 Episode 13

The apocalyptic nature of Captain Daly's condition is very concerning because, when you think about it, the locusts that left his airway on Manifest Season 4 Episode 2 have been extinct since the early 1900s.

Bringing these two plagues, so to speak, to the present will only cause more anti-828 hate, but maybe there's a more significant meaning here that the civilians will need to unite with the 828ers as a means to survive.

Michaela: Hey. This is your Calling.
Ben: I... If I can't go, I'm glad it's you.
Eagan: Is she going to be okay?
Michaela: Yeah, with our help, she will be.

Remember, Manifest Season 4 Episode 9 revealed the death date was for EVERYONE.

Eagan popping back up was exciting initially, but my happiness turned to sadness the moment it became clear he and Cheryl were working on scamming people.

Hi, Eagan - Manifest Season 4 Episode 13

The best part about the plot is that Cheryl went rogue and tried to trick his parents. That came out of the left field and was a nice way to give Eagan some humility.

He's been so cocky throughout his plans, and you could tell he struggled to thank anyone.

At least he knows there's a potential with his parents in the aftermath of the traumatic event. I must admit; I figured his parents would die because you never know what's around the corner if you're related to an 828er.

Michaela and Jared teaming up to crack the case was par for the course when you look at the previous episode.

Eagan's Parents - Manifest Season 4 Episode 13

Zimmer knows that, together, these two can make mountains move.

If only she knew Jared was making excuses to keep Michala out of the Registry's grasp for longer.

Saanvi: His face. He's dead. How did this happen?
Zimmer: The how and the where are not your concern. Your job is to find out what the hell this is.

I'm still very conflicted by what I'm guessing is the show's attempt to bring Jared and Michaela back together.

Honestly, they had their time and couldn't make it work, and along came Zeke. Granted, they were robbed of time when Michaela disappeared for years, but I appreciate that Michaela is still clearly mourning the loss of Zeke.

Saanvi Listens - Manifest Season 4 Episode 13

She must be conflicted because, on the one hand, her husband's dead, but on the other, she can communicate with a version of him.

Jared is struggling to have any bond with Michaela that doesn't involve them getting back together, but Michaela saying she wasn't ready hints that there could be something there between them in the future.

Eagan: I haven't seen or heard from my parents since before we left for Jamaica. Wait. That's a lie. I got one voice mail from my father after we miraculously returned. It said, "You may be back, but you are not welcome here."
Ben: I saw that necklace around the neck of a woman who was in trouble. Now, do you think that could've been your mother?
Eagan: Sorry, I've got nothing.

I could get on board with it if enough time has passed and it isn't purely fan service.

I mean, there does seem to be quite a divide between the two 'ships, so who knows what the future holds?

Hiding Out - Manifest Season 4 Episode 12

This was a marked improvement on the midseason premiere. Finally, the last episodes are going somewhere, and I'm intrigued to find out what happens next.

What did you think of Fiona's return and death?

Do you think Angelina is the most annoying villain out there?

What's your take on the two plagues coming from Captain Daly?

Are you surprised Zimmer is still keeping Sanvi in the dark? Hit the comments.

Manifest is now streaming on Netflix.

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