NFL’s best conspiracy theorist has a new one about Tom Brady returning to play for Raiders

NFL’s best conspiracy theorist has a new one about Tom Brady returning to play for Raiders
By: FanSided Posted On: May 28, 2023 View: 31

This outrageous NFL conspiracy theory has Tom Brady suiting up for the Las Vegas Raiders.

NFL owners are not going to allow this to ever happen, but who wouldn’t want to see Tom Brady Jackie Moon it for the Las Vegas Raiders, baby?!

Despite there being pretty good reasons why the Silver and Black decided to pay Jimmy Garoppolo all that money to be their starting quarterback, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio certainly galaxy brained it a bit on getting The GOAT to play for Josh McDaniels once again in Sin City! I’ve never been to Las Vegas before. I’m trying to go, but I’m sure it will bring out the absolute worst in me.

There is no way on god’s green earth that Brady would be allowed to take on a minority stake in the Raiders and be allowed to play for them. The owners would have lost their collective minds!

Although I wasn’t alive for the ABA in all its glory, I have seen Semi-Pro, and I don’t hate the idea.

Let’s say Brady was allowed to play for the Raiders, looking older than George Blanda this year…

Tom Brady playing quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders is life imitating art

At 46-years-old, Brady would try to throw for more touchdown passes than he did leading the 2007 New England Patriots. He would have his new version of Randy Moss in Davante Adams. Although McDaniels is an Imitation Bill Belichick, Imitation Bill Belichick is best served alongside countless helpings of Mark Davis’ favorites from P.F. Chang’s. Now, I’m hungry to just win, baby.

While 8-9 isn’t winning a division with Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert a part of it, we can only hope for Team 3’s sake that Russell Wilson can achieve that level of greatness in Year 2 leading Broncos Country. Let’s ride! Brady has always been the face of the Evil Empire, so why not completely turn heel and suit up for the NFL’s rebel franchise? People always look cooler in black.

Even though there is no chance of this ever happening, a boy can dream. With Davis’ kid backpack stuck on the back of a high-topped chair in a chain restaurant somewhere near the strip, conspiracy plans are being drawn up on a napkin adjacent to a never-ending supply of soda fountain Diet Coke. This is a movie I would actually watch, unlike Will Ferrell playing John Madden.

I already used my tinfoil hat for the day in trying to get DeAndre Hopkins onto the Buffalo Bills

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